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I N   I C T U   O C C U L I

This body of work is centered on the power of one repetitive image that represents a greater cause.  In Ictu Occuli was a Collaborative Guerilla sculpture project in where co-collaborator Chris Spinozzi  and myself confronted our community directly with the issues of gun control and ownership as well as personal security following the massacre at Sandy Hook. These toy guns were cast using crayon and flex wax and made into candles, to give the feeling of a candlelight vigil, but also playing with the concept of "In Ictu Oculi" or "in the blink of an eye," a baroque trope that touches on the impermanence of existence often symbolized as burning candle that could melt away or be snuffed. This project was an exercise in semiotics, studying the relationship of viewers to particular symbol or object- in the two years we spent on this project we played with other cast wax objects but we finally arrived at the guns. The final symbol, that of the candle/gun composite was sent out randomly through the mail system at our college and in the surrounding community, the idea being that much like a random shooting, these toys arrived to random individuals in a centralized location, such as a college and by extension the surrounding close knit community; each package included the name of a school shooting victim that one could light a candle for. The project ended with an official cease and desist order, the remaining body of work exists as evidence in the Oneonta police department. Upon receiving the official cease and desist Chris and I came out and delivered an official presentation of our work, once explained, the project was well understood and mostly well received by the student body and local community.

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