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I N   T H E   M A T E R I A L   W O R L D

This work explores the translation of materials throughout time and the residual life that infinitely progresses around a stationary object. Living in a postmodern industrialized society, human beings create objects using the materials at our disposal to confirm our existences at a set point in time and create a tangible understanding of the unknown world around us. The future is uncertain, so it determines the present as we are influenced by the past; we exist on an infinitely progressing time cycle, as represented here.

The materials I use are reflective of the time in which they represent. Marble has transcended through time as an antique material, while steel is new-age and industrial. Metal casting and glass blowing have a connotation that associates them with both ancient and contemporary.

So what will stand the true test of time… human beings or the objects; the creator or the created?

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