S E A   M O N S T E R S

Monster Sounds -
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In this immersive experience, the viewers are given flashlights and subjected to a whimsical aquatic menagerie which draws upon the medieval fear and superstition of the ocean. The darkness naturally makes us uneasy, allowing the mind to extrapolate fabulous fish, sea serpents, and denizens of the deep. There is a natural inclination of the human brain towards objects of wonder, we enjoy grandiose ideas about supernatural creatures, and the sea is the proper medium for such ideas. Reports of delirious sailors canvased such mysteries, waiting to be discovered in the remote abyss of the ocean depths.

A sea monster is defined as an aquatic creature both astonishing and exotic, regardless of whether in fact it was real or mythical. Many of the sea monsters that appear on the maps of Abraham Ortelius or Olaus Magnus for example, are hybrids, taking source from Pliny the Elder’s theory that every land creature had its equivalent in the sea.

To medieval and Renaissance beholders, the sea monsters on European maps represented real dangers. To modern eyes, however, they are whimsical adorning elements which leave us merely reminiscent of a time when these Shakespearean terrors were a frightful force to be reckoned with.

Walk with me commander
Let us search with great care
These beasts of grandeur
And their splendors to share

Thirty feet below level seas
The laws of men reach a halt
For these whimsical reveries
Shall reign without fault

Plunge to the depths
And see the sublime
Of these terrible frets

For a moment in time


The infamous Narwhal
Its horn without end
Quite the bountiful haul
If you can catch it, my friend


The Roider swims close
Its great size makes a freight
But it shall not dispose
Of our crewmates tonight


The meat of some monsters
Cure many diseases
But if we catch an imposter
Their poisons will seize us


Dead reckoning is upon us
These Shakespearean terrors
In this remote abyss
There is no room for error


Beware the Kraken, my friend
The jaws that bite, its claw that catches
Beware the deep dark dead end
And batten down the hatches!